The City of Graham operates the Oak Grove and Pioneer Cemeteries. Pioneer still has plots available and is located on the corner of Fourth Street and Pioneer Street.

Plot Cost: $1200

Cemetery Regulations:

  • The decoration of lots or graves with objects that interfere with City maintenance or is inconsistent with the desired appearance of the grounds is prohibited. 
  • All graves shall be level with the surrounding ground to facilitate ease of mowing. 
  • No shrubbery or landscaping of any kind shall be permitted except that which is done by the City and in places designated for landscaping. 
  • No covering, such as chat, rock, etc. shall be permitted on the lot. 
  • All faded and unsightly flowers shall be removed. 
  • No curbing of lots or spaces shall be permitted without prior approval by the City. 
  • No water hoses shall be left unattended 
  • Bench locations must be approved by the City. Benches must be maintained in good condition and appearance or will be removed by the City. 
  • Automatic watering systems will be regulated by the City.

Parks and Cemetery Superintendent: Coby Leach

For more information, please call 940.549.3322 or 940.549.3323.