City Manager

Eric Garretty

Hi, I’m Eric, welcome to the Graham, Texas website.  We are so glad you found the place “Where Texas Comes Home”.  The City Manager’s Office is here to assist you in any way we can.  If you have questions about city services, a complaint (we don’t mind those) or a compliment (we really like those) please give us a call at 940-549-3324.  As for me, I’ve been a public servant all my professional life.  I served on active duty in the United States Marine Corps for 29 years (Semper Fi!) and in local government for about nine years.  I have served in various roles in both Florida and Texas.  Most recently, I was the City Manager in Mexia, Texas.  We’re so glad you found us and remember that in Graham you are never a stranger-you’re friend we haven’t met yet!

The City Manager’s Office is located in City Hall at 612 Elm Street. It is composed of a City Manager. The City Manager’s Office is responsible for the efficient and effective implementation of Council policies and priorities throughout city government. The City Manager accomplishes this responsibility by coordinating official business with City Council and by providing leadership and direction to the entire organization.