Municipal Court

Judge James Reeves
456 Oak Graham, Texas 76450
Phone 940.549.8370 Fax 940.521.9463

Mission: The mission of Graham Municipal Court is to provide a neutral, courteous and fair forum for the trial of Class C misdemeanor offenses.

Jurisdiction: Cases filed in the Municipal Court include, but are not limited to, traffic and parking violations, Class C misdemeanors, violation of City ordinances, Code Enforcement violations, and school attendance.

Information Regarding your citation: Your first appearance is to determine your plea. Your signature on the bottom of the citation is not a plea. You are not required to hire an attorney and you do have the right to represent yourself in Municipal Court. The law requires any person issued a citation to appear in court. Your appearance date (you may appear before but no later than) is noted on the citation.

Juveniles (a person under 17) have a separate set of rules for their appearance. They must appear with a parent or legal guardian.



  • You admit that you committed the act charged.
  • A fine will be issued.

Nolo Contendere: (No Contest)

  • You do not contest the State’s charge against you.
  • A fine will be issued.

Not Guilty:

  • You deny guilt.
  • A trial will be held (either by judge or jury)
  • The state must prove the charge that it filed against you.
    • If you plead not guilty, the court will schedule a jury trial unless you waive that right.
    • If you do, the trial will be before the Judge.

Payments Accepted & New Office Hours

Payment Options

  1. You can simply pay the fine (plea of guilty or nolo contendere)
  2. Request Driving Safety Course (if you qualify by the state mandated requirements) and pay a fee
  3. Request deferred disposition and pay a fee (if you do not have a CDL license)
  4. Request an extension of time to pay. Any extension of over 30 days carries an additional state mandated $25.00 fee.

In addition to a fine, court costs mandated by state law will be charged. The total costs of the offense will depend on the charges filed. You will need to contact the court for the amount.