City Manager

The City Manager’s Office is located in City Hall at 429 Fourth Street. It is composed of a City Manager. The City Manager’s Office is responsible for the efficient and effective implementation of Council policies and priorities throughout city government. The City Manager accomplishes this responsibility by coordinating official business with City Council and by providing leadership and direction to the entire organization.


Brandon Anderson


Mr. Anderson grew up on a small farm in South East Kansas. He attended school at Kansas State University and graduated in 1995 with a B.S. in Animal Science and Industry. He moved to Texas in 1996 and was a County Agent in Wilbarger, Stonewall and Haskell Counties in Texas. He moved from Extension to a short career in Banking and his most recent job was City Manager in Haskell, TX for 9 years. He is married to Penny and has 3 boys, Colton Young who is currently serving in the Air Force, Jim Young who is attending college at Angelo State University and Cade Anderson who will be attending school at Graham I.S.D.



2018-2019 Budget
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Graham Convenience Station Information
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2017 Annual Water Report (CCR)
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Water Conservation & Drought Contingency Plan
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